A short history.

I was once a boy. I was born and raised in the state of Michigan. I've lived most of my, so far, short life here. Other than a (largely forgotten) troubling childhood and an incident involving a tombstone, my life was a pretty nondescript suburban one. Perfectly middle class and thought to be quite intelligent, though I never had any desire to be the best I could be.

I ended up going to college out-of-state, in the dark wasteland its pale inhabitants call "Ohio". I went to a liberal-arts college there, got a decent education in literature and religious studies, and absolutely loathed the people there. Even to this day, it still amazes me just how horrible undergrads can be. I feel bad for parents who pay for that education.


After that experience, I hopped over to Japan and taught there for a while. I was situated in a city in the Tohoku region of Japan--the cold, frigid, rustic north--and despite the problems I had with the Japanese educational system, I loved it over there. Even now, I miss it.

I'm back in America, waiting to hear on a job I applied for in Turkey. I've been trying to find part-time work until that starts, and when I'm not doing that I'm usually re-connecting with friends I haven't talked to in a long time or working on the various fiction projects I have.

I miss having good conversation. It seems, to me, that most people have retreated to their own little pools. I miss the larger forum, where people had interesting ideas instead of being slavishly devoted to an ideology.

Who wants to live in an echo chamber?


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