I imagine that this condition is probably not uncommon among writers, but I really do have the worst work ethic as a writer.  I feel like I should treat it as a job, and I guess I'm successful in that regards, since I don't do anything and just sit on my ass.  I would fire myself right now, if I could.  As it is, I'm part of a labor union.  The labor union is using their strong-arming techniques to prevent me from firing myself.  It's a messy matter, and I'm not even sure if the terms of the current bargaining allow me to even discuss the details of it.

Here's the amazing thing I've discovered: being unemployed is even more boring than being employed.  I asked my family to give me some things to do, and my father is probably going to teach me some technical skills that I could really use.  He's heard me complain (bitterly) a lot lately about the fact that my generation is barely capable of working with their hands, myself included.  If I were a dedicated artist, this would not be a problem, but I am simply a terrible writer.  I have been working on a novel (among other projects) for over a year now, and it has only given me 17,000 words.  Perfectionism is a disease that runs deep in my family.

I'm trying to practice writing, to force myself to develop better habits.  With nothing interesting to talk about though, I thought I would have nothing interesting to write about in this journal.  Then [personal profile] loquacious gave me an idea.  She jokingly (or maybe half-jokingly) told me that I should write about cardboard.

So, why not?

I consider this a writing challenge.  I am going to attempt to write about cardboard.

Cardboard is also known as corrugated fiberboard, but that's a name that only its mother will use.  Cardboard is very insistent that it be called cardboard.  Its beginnings were quite modest.  It once had dreams of lining tall hats....


While I was writing this though, I came upon a greater idea.  My grandmother, many years ago, gave me an entire Encyclopedia Britannica.  What I'm going to do borders on the insane, but I want to humorously abridge the entire set.  This means I'll have to read the entire thing, but I'll give it a shot.



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